Pain has now become the most quotidian and noteworthy problem today than any other diseases. Although it is short-term but acute and chronic pain can interfere with various aspects of cognition and other functions in our body. Even though various approaches are there to treat pain through the use of various analgesics, a multimodal approach to treating pain is considered quite effective in which various groups of analgesics are combined and administered to the patient according to his/her situation. One of the most commonly used drugs in this multimodal approach is Tapentadol. (Learn about the Tapentadol Use)

What is Tapentadol?

Tapentadol sold under the brand name “Nucynta” is the analgesic belonging to the “opioids” class of the drugs. The drug is similar to tramadol in terms of working but is considered more effective than the former. Various characteristics that make tapentadol a remarkable drug:

● Dual-mode of action.
● Non-dependency on body metabolism to create its effects.
● Rapid absorption and elimination of the drug by the body.

Because of the following factor, more people tend to buy Tapentadol online which is available in the market as 50mg, 75mg, and 100mg tablets. The ideal dosage for tapentadol use should be between 50-100 mg which can be every 4-6 hours. The ideal amount for any person depends on the body weight.

Although it is considered over many analgesics, the drug has various side effects and has the potency to develop addiction and it is abused for recreational purposes. Various common Nucynta side effects are:

● Nausea
● Constipation
● Vomiting
● Seizures
● Serotonin Syndrome

Working Mechanism of Tapentadol

Tapentadol in the same way as tramadol has dual mechanism action by changing the way our nervous system responds to any pain. Speaking from the pharmacological point of view it activates a certain opioid receptor and blocks the reuptake of various chemicals in our body which transmits the pain information to our brain. The major leading point of tapentadol over tramadol is its non-dependency on body metabolism to produce its effects which makes people more elevated towards tapentadol use.

Tapentadol use for multimodal management of pain:

Under the Multimodal Approach approach, two or more drugs are administered into the body via the same or different routes after which they act by different mechanisms. The main aim of the multimodal approach while using opioids is that it reduces the chances of addiction and side effects created. One important thing to keep in mind is the possible drug-drug interaction, tapentadol on the other has a very limited protein binding affinity which makes it the most suitable option to be used for multimodal pain management.

Status of Tapentadol in the market

Although tapentadol is the most favorable option to be picked for analgesic, the doctor is still hesitant to write it down in the prescription because of the risk of Nucynta side effects, the potential risk for abuse of the drug, tolerance, and various other factors which makes the use of tapentadol underutilized.

Where can I buy tapentadol online?

Although considered the best option for various analgesics, the drug has a very high potency to create addiction and is abused for recreational purposes. Tapentadol is a schedule II control drug thus you cannot purchase tapentadol without prescription.

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